We provide a wide range of services to meet
any requirements in the field of pallets

Pallet production

Flexipal produces all types of wooden pallets. All specifications and requirements can be made real.

Palettes are produced on automatic assembly lines which is necessary in order to ensure high quality and productivity. Flexipal has obtained licences and thus is eligible for production of EUR and EPAL pallets (UIC norm 435-2) and CP pallets.

Atypical pallets which are impossible to produce mechanically are manufactured using compressed air tools. These can be either heat treated in accordance with the European standards and/or dried to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

In case you introduce new products into the market or the way of packaging has been changed and you do not know what type of pallet would be the most suitable for the storage and transport, we are capable of designing affordable solution for you, i.e. a pallet that would correspond to your specific needs, size, operation type, features, and quality requirements. If needed, we can also provide a graphic pallet proposal.

Pallet renovation

EUR Pallets

We are licensed for renovations of EUR, UIC and EPAl pallets. Since the pallet renovations are standardized by the UIC 435-4 norm, only licensed renovators are eligible for EUR pallet renovation. Solely wooden segments and joints that correspond to the UIC norm criteria can be used for the renovations.
Düsseldorf Pallets

Flexipal is also concerned with the repairs of Düsseldorf Pallets (also known as DD or DHP Pallets and half pallets) - the wooden pallets with metal reinforcements and 4 ways of dimension (600x800x150 mm), which means that the pallet can be manipulated with both with face and pallet cart from all four sides.


In September 2017, our company received the EPAL gitterbox repair certificate. We have license number CZ-318.
Repairs are carried out in our facility near Velká Bíteš in the Czech Republic. We are able to make some repairs in exchange in agreement.


Sale of used pallets

Our company deals with the sale of used EUR / EPAL pallets, DD pallets and disposable standard pallets (1200x800; 1200x1000 and others) as well.

Pallet sorting

Our customers are provided with the service of sorting the EUR pallets or disposable 1200x800 pallets with regards to the pallet type, namely bright, dark, damaged (which might be yet repairable and irreparable). After having finished the sorting, the customer receives an output protocol.

We are balancing the pallet accounts in Central Europe

Since the customers, who use the pallets for shipping the goods, often don’t keep up to returning the pallets, companies are often short of them. Although they had agreed on pallet accounts, the figures just grow so that the companies must quite necessarily purchase another pallets. Flexipal is eligible for supply of the pallets in the name of your customer so that their account is reduced and your customer only receives an invoice; we are responsible for the quality and number of pallets, place and timing of supply is up to us. In summary, the customer saves the costs of returning the pallets and other risks.

Pallet recycling

In case you are in possession of many atypical pallets of no future use, we can remake them so as to fit to your needs.

Pallet lease

Nabízíme Vaší společnosti pronájem palet. Naším úkolem je dodat Vám palety do výroby v požadovaném čase a množství, tak abyste mohli zajistit expedici zboží vašim zákazníkům. O vyexpedovaných počtech palet k jednotlivým zákazníkům se vede přesná evidence takzvané "Paletové účty", které nám hlásíte v pravidelných intervalech, tak abychom věděli zajistit svoz těchto palet. Na vypracování cenové nabídky je nezbytné získat více informací, mezi jinými počty palet na skladě, v oběhu, počet odběrných míst, délka pronájmu atd. Teprve po poskytnutí komplexních dat je možné vypracovat cenovou nabídku šitou na míru.

Repurchase and disposal of pallets

We offer to repurchase unnecessary EUR, 1200x800 and 1200x1000 pallets. If you have a lot of disposable pallets with no future use or the pallets are devalued and rotten, we might offer you a solution in ecological disposal using wood waste shredder, producing a wooden fraction that is highly valuable in heating industry or for flat wooden material production.

Pallet design

We follow the up-to-date trends of using pallets as design elements for different sorts of furniture and constructions, which is why we have decided to support these activities. We participated in the festival in Budapest where the Colosseum was built of our pallets. Furthermore, the pallets also served as a perfect construction element for Art&Food ZOO for Troya brewery at the main entrance in Prague ZOO.

Pallet design

Sziget festival


Pallet design

Trojský pivovar

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