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EPAL pallets

We are licensed to produce and repair EPAL pallets. Euro-pallets made by EPAL producers undergo strict quality control.

EPAL Pallet 1 has sizes of 1200/800 mm and load capacity 1500 kg.

New EPAL Pallets are produced in accordance with the UIC-435-2 norm which specifies all requirements for these pallets. The basic stamp is both on the right and left side of the pallet in an oval and on the middle block there is an IPPC, drier’s code and the producer’s licence number, plus the year and month of manufacture.

Every new pallet is labelled with a control buck as a certificate of legal manufacture and paid licence fee.

UIC EUR Pallets

We are licensed by UIC to produce and repair EUR pallets. New EUR pallets are produced based on the ČSN 269110 norm and in accordance with the UIC 435-2 norm which specify all the requirements concerning these pallets.

The basic EUR pallet stamp is on the right side in an oval, whilst on the left side there is a UIC sign; in old pallets there also appear the markings of local train stations (ČD, MAV, OBB, ŽSSK CARGO etc.). On the middle block there is an IPPC label, including IPPC licence, manufacturer’s ID, year and month of manufacture.

New EUR pallet has sizes of 1200/800 mm and load capacity 1500 kg.

Every new pallet is labelled with a control buck as a certificate of legal manufacture and paid licence fee.

Used Bright EUR/EPAL Pallets

Used bright Použité EUR pallets reveal the signs of significant usage, sometimes slight damage, and they are bright or partially greyish. They must be stamped on all cubes with the mark of guarantee – EPAL or UIC, in the middle  should be the manufacturer’s ID and on the right cube the EPAL or EUR stamp.

In used bright EUR pallets it is allowed that the guarantee’s stamp and the manufacturer’s ID might differ on both of the sides of the pallet. The used bright EUR pallets keep up to quality requirements and as a bonus, they are cheaper compared to new pallets. EUR/EPAL pallet repairs may be done solely by authorized companies. After the repair, the pallets must be marked with so-called Repair Nail in the middle block.

Dark Used EUR/EPAl Pallets

Dark used EUR/EPAL pallets have signs of more extensive usage compared to the used bright EUR/EPAL pallets.

They are of darker colour (grey, brown, dark brown). They are marked the same as EUR/EPAL new pallets with the guarantee’s sign– EPAL or UIC, the manufacture ID and on the right block with the EPAL or EUR mark. On the both sides of a pallet there might be different stamps of guarantee, and the manufacture number of the original pallet manufacturer does not have to be the same as well on both sides. The norm does not deny this. The EUR/EPAL pallet repairs are allowed to be done in the authorized company only. After the repair, the pallet must be marked with so-called Repair Nail in the middle block.

New Pallets 800-1200 and 1000-1200

The most spread pallet sizes are 800 mm x 1200 mm and 1000 mm x 1200 mm, commonly known as standard or one-way pallets, disposable etc. The pallets are manufactured in different designs according to load capacity, from 300 to 1500 kg, or to meet the clients’ needs. Drying or heat treatment IPPC is possible as the client requires.

Used Pallets 800-1200 and 1000-1200

If the customer has high quality requirements for standard pallets, we might offer affordable interesting alternative in the form of used pallets. We offer 3 alternatives of each of both types according to load capacity, i.e. 500 kg, 1000 kg, and 1500 kg.

CP Pallets

We are licensed to produce CP pallets which are primarily determined for chemical industry. We continuously manufacture all sorts of CP pallets, i.e. CP1 to CP9. Drying and heat treatment IPPC is possible as the client requires.

Düsseldorf Pallets (DD Pallets, DHP Pallets)

These pallets of 600 x 800 mm are highly advantageous since they are 4-ways – they can be manipulated with the pallet cart from all four sides of the pallet. These pallets are mainly used in the shopping chains. We offer new and used Düsseldorf pallets and their repairs.

Atypical Pallets

We can manufacture pallets of almost any size. We commonly produce the pallets of 400 x 400 mm to large format pallet of 2000 mm x 4000 mm. Pallets are made based on the client’s requirements, or we might design the most optimal type of pallets in accordance with the required size and weight of transported goods. If needed, we might use IPPC heat treatment or dessicate till 10 to 15 % of humidity. The pallets also can be painted or burn-marked on the pallet blocks with the client’s logo, type of pallet or other information.

Pallet Design – Furniture from Pallets

Pallets do not exclusively serve for the transport of goods, but also recently as original furniture or to build miscellaneous constructions.

At one of the biggest festivals in Europe, Sziget Festival in Budapest, Colosseum from our pallets was built (30 x 8 metres) as a music stage.

We invite you for a visit of Art&Food ZOOne at the main entrance of Prague ZOO in Troya where the all equipment was built from pallets; we are partners of this project.
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